How To Care For A Senior Dog

Why do dogs have such a relatively short life span when compared to humans? It’s like the Universe said “Well, since you little fuzzy guys have such big, loving hearts, we’re gonna give you a short life”. I know, sounds a little dark, right? I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer, it’s just I … [Read more…]

Is My Dog Happy?

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if babies and our pets could talk to us? Well, in a couple short years that baby will be talking non-stop but our pups will never really be able to talk to us. But, No worries! Not all hope is gone! There are quite a few tell-tale signs for … [Read more…]

How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Sick?

How many times have you wanted the ability to converse with your beloved puppers? It is just so difficult to try to determine what is going on in their minds and bodies. Just like having a human baby, we have to educate ourselves on the tell-tale signs of diseases and abnormalities in our pups in … [Read more…]

About Mim

Hi fellow animal lovers, I hope you find this site useful when researching and obtaining healthy products for our beloved pets. MY STORY My real name is Linda but my favorite little people know me simply as Mim. I have been in healthcare for 30 years and I am naturally a caregiver not only for … [Read more…]